Emergency Weather Policy

Emergency, Catastrophic Events, And Force Majeure Situations

In emergency situations (In Houston, this is primarily, but not limited to, localized or general street flooding or rare winter icing) our policy is to do our best to keep our clients, team members, and property as safe as possible while continuing to transport people as is absolutely necessary and possible.

Our goal is to always get you where you need to be, but from previous experiences, we highly suggest you postpone or reschedule your travels during these emergency situations.

Should you decide to continue to travel, we ask that you please take a minute to understand our limitations and business practices during these situations when mobility issues are totally out of our control.

In these situations, the following may occur individually or collectively as decided solely by Elite management, globally, or on a case-by-case basis.

  • We may choose to cancel your transportation all together and will give you as much notice as possible of this decision and provide a full refund
  • If you decline to cancel your reservation or cancel inside of a 6 hour window (because we will likely have chauffeurs needing to start extremely early for you in these situations), you may be charged a minimum trip cost whether you are eventually picked up or not, if we cannot reasonably make it to you because of the emergency, or even if we are delayed because of the circumstances and you obtain other transportation for other reasons.
  • We may operate in degraded mode, suspending our punctuality, vehicle standards, and dress code requirements.
  • We may choose to suspend our point to point pricing and revert to an HOURLY pricing model – This will result in a trip being charged hourly, with time measured from our garage back to our garage including any traffic, shutdown, or wait time (which may be extensive!).
  • We may request that you make your way to a known safe area for pick up rather than go to a specific address.
  • We may suspend the transportation at the nearest known safe area to your requested drop off address.
  • We may prioritize out of town travelers (who most likely don’t have their own transportation).
  • These decisions may be changed multiple times through the day as time progresses.

We highly suggest you postpone or reschedule your travels during these emergency situations.

In these situations, we will always attempt to contact you via phone, email or text to provide you with the option of canceling your transportation with no charge.

In the instance we cannot contact you or you decide to continue with your request for transportation in these types of situations, we will adjust our billing and services as listed above as decided by management.

Please be advised that in these situations, your cost can be SIGNIFICANTLY different than your original pricing (similar to a taxi waiting in traffic).

Again, our goal is to get you where you need to be, while obeying the law and working within the logistical limitations that are imposed on us during these events.

Thank you for your understanding during these extreme, out-of-the-ordinary circumstances.

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