Employment with Elite Limo Houston

Think you have what it takes to be part of the Elite Limousines team? We are always interviewing dependable people with friendly faces and customer service experience. Sometimes we wake up really early, and sometimes we stay up really late. Most times we wait patiently for our clients, and on the last minute ones we may have to hurry to get there. Hurry Up & Wait! Remember, here it’s all about the chauffeur, being all about the client! Our clients don’t wait for us, we wait for them! Dependability and punctuality is where the chauffeurs’ job starts, and customer service is where it ends.

Here we say:

"Drivers deliver pizza, chauffeurs deliver service!"

We have strict dress & ethics codes, written, monitored processes and procedures, and on-going training for all facets of the job and an environment of teamwork to get the job done right for every client.
Interested? Think you’re up to the responsibility? Can you keep Our Promise? Below you will find the information on the licensing requirements to become a Houston area personal chauffeur, we’ll train you from there!

City of Houston Limousine License*

In order to qualify for employment as a personal chauffeur at Elite Limousines of Houston, you will first have to obtain a Houston City Chauffeurs’ license. This Houston City license is required to transport guests (for-hire services) in the Harris County area. We get a lot of calls and questions from interested people about how to do this. Below is a link to the COH website, the current form and its instructions.

*The city always seems to be “adjusting” its forms & requirements, so we recommend that you call the number on the form to ensure you are proceeding correctly through the process.

City of Houston Regulatory Affairs Website

COH Chauffeurs License Application

There is currently a $39 fee for the Houston Chauffeurs’ License. There is a requirement of fingerprinting, an FBI background check, a warrants check, drug testing and a cursory medical evaluation. The testing is at your own expense.

Here are our preliminary employment applications for chauffeurs and affiliates. We will contact you when we have open positions to invite you in for an interview and additional information.

Chauffeur Preliminary Application
Affiliate Preliminary Application

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