Company History

Elite Worldwide Transportation was started in 2005, as Elite Limousines of Houston, by its founder Renzo Ormsbee. It was originally started as a retail limousine service but seeking more stable workload, cash flow and customer base, shortly thereafter began to focus on business and executive clientele. Since its austere beginnings in a garage office and street-side parking, it has since moved several times, most recently in 2014 to our current 5000 square foot facility which houses not only our office staff center, but also a large parking lot and a garage area where our mechanical and cleaning/detail work is done by our in-house maintenance staff. The early years were lean years, with most of the duties in the company including driving and scheduling and cleaning being performed by the founder, his wife, and occasionally their children.

A focus was put on the website immediately, allowing Elite to rank at or near the top for high value key words in the industry for the Houston area.

Knowing that knowledge is power, Renzo became an active member of the Limousine Association of Houston from day one. In 2006, Renzo was named to fill an open LAH directors’ seat where he learned from, and gained the trust of, many of the more seasoned operators in the Houston area.

2008 provided the stepping stone necessary for growth. A fellow operator, weary of the demands of the industry and looking to exit, came to see him to see about selling his business. He was looking for someone that he knew would take great care of his loyal clients. A deal was made, adding approximately $150000 in revenue per year to the operation, providing the means to put a staff in place to begin building the company into a scalable business and not just a job.

2009-2014 were periods of aggressive growth including the acquisition of another local company, Lane Towne Car, as the company worked to solidify its core team members, reputation and brand identity across the city and the industry.

2014-2017 brought us to our current facility, and have been years of consolidation and preparation for what we expect are future trends and expectations in transportation related services.

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