Presidents Letter

From the President of Elite Worldwide Transportation Solutions

Welcome to the newest version of the EWTS (formerly Elite Limousines of Houston) website. For our new visitors, we are a team of customer service professionals dedicated to transporting you dependably. For our current clients, you will notice the significant changes and upgrades to our website in many areas.

Why the changes? In benchmarking our competition, I have noticed that most industry websites seem to be just pretty site templates full of fluff, stock pictures, adjectives and adverbs. I wanted to make ours site different to showcase the difference between us and other companies in the Houston area. We have taken the necessary time, effort, and expense to make our site robust and different. Just like our company. We are committed to excellence in customer service and in addition to traveling with us, offer our website as proof.

Our long-term goal is to make our website an information oasis for those needing ground transportation in the Houston area. We want to be the one stop for all your luxury transportation needs, questions about transportation and the Houston area. Here you will find information about the Houston airports, Info on upcoming events, info on local attractions in the Houston area and links to even more specific information such as venue websites, etc. You will find that some information is duplicated in several different areas. We have done this purposely, to make the most used information easiest to find. We wanted to illustrate to you our attention to detail in a very real way, something that required extra effort, research, and attention to detail; not just by adjectives and adverbs! We hope you notice the difference between our site and most others and hope that this convinces you to give us a try. You’ll find our level of service is as different as the difference between our website and theirs!

In addition to “Our Promise” listed on every page, we have a saying around here (among others) “It’s all about the chauffeur, being all about the client” Our chauffeurs know that without them, it doesn’t really matter.

Here you will find the answers to about 90% of your questions. For the other 10%, feel free to give us a call. We will either help you or find someone that can.

“Client Delight” is our long-term goal and this site update is just the next step toward that ongoing goal.

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